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Thursday 9/12/2013
6:00P-8:00P Happy Hour @ Kingfishers
14442 Solomons Island Rd S
Solomons, MD 20688

​Friday 9/13/2013
9:00A – 5:00P Race setup, includes crane area, wet and dry pits.
Wet Pits Location Public Boat Ramp Area
Dry Pits: Located at County Boat Ramp under Thomas Johnson Bridge
Solomons Public Boat Ramp and Fishing/Crabbing Pier
14195 Solomons Island Road South
Solomons, Maryland 20688

12:00p-3:00P Racer Registration - Holiday Inn. Room will be marked

SOGP Bar Tour
The following is a new event for the Solomons Offshore Grand Prix. All of the establishments on this tour​ are sponsors of the race, so please make sure you visit each one. There will be drink and/or food specials at each bar. Race credentials or colored wristbands given out by the race committee will be needed for the specials. More information on this event as it gets closer.
Tour Stops are:
6pm - King Fishers (14442 Solomons Island Rd S, Solomons, MD)
7pm - Striped Rock (14470 Solomons Island Rd, Solomons, MD)
8pm - Solomons Pier (14575 Solomons Island Rd S, Solomons, MD)
9pm - Tiki Bar​​​​ ( 85 Charles St, Solomons, MD)

Saturday 9/14/2013
9:00A . 5:00PM Dry Pits Open​​

9:00A Drivers Meeting - Holiday Inn

​​9:00A -1:00P Race Registration Open
Location-Holiday Inn Solomons

Poker Run information will be announced shortly
Location - Race Course on the Patuxent River​

11:00A - 3:00P Race testing
12:00P Crane Area Open

1:00P - 4:00P Race testing
Location-Race Course on the Patuxent River

Boat Parade
5:30P Boats leave for Parade
6:30P Parade Starts (Map available soon)​​

7:30 Meet the Racers Party @ the Holiday Inn
Sunday 9/15/2013
7:30A Racer Physicals -
Location-Holiday Inn Solomons

9:00A - 6:00P Crane Open
Crane Area Location-Public Boat Ramp

8:30A Sweep Captain's Meeting
9:00A Driver's meeting
Location-Holiday Inn Solomons

10:00A Public Safety Meeting
Location-Holiday Inn Solomons

11:00A CBPBA Sweep Boats will secure the course
Race Course on the Patuxent

12:30P Race 1 Start (start subject to adjustment)
2:00P Race 2 Start (start subject to adjustment)
3:30P Race 3 Start (if needed)

7:00P Awards Ceremony
Location-Tiki Bar

The races, times, and dates are subject to change so please check back often for further information and details
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There will be no public use of the ramp from Friday September 13 Morning until Monday September 16 at 12PM. We need to keep this at the top as a PSA for the weekend. This will include the Public Fishing Pier located on the property. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.